"Thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance, and compassion throughout the duration of this [Foundations] course. Thank you does not come close to the gratitude I feel for your guidance and your ability to teach the RIE® approach so thoughtfully and competently."
— AR, Goleta

"Thank you so much for letting me observe your class. I have to say that I have never been in a toddler setting where everyone was so calm. It was so zen! You were a delight to watch with the children. You have truly put the real meaning of RIE® into practice. The way you spoke to the children it was obvious you have a true respect and love for them and what you do."
— RIE® Training student

“I wanted to let you know that as I look at where I am now, I strongly feel that RIE® and you influenced and encouraged me to explore what I really want out of life –the RIE® experience was truly a deeply meditative one. The kids benefit and so do the parents."
— S.G.L., OB-GYN

“I don’t have words to express my deep gratitude to you for your guidance in helping me become a better parent. You will continue to have influence on generations to come.”
— C.C.

One mother finishing the 5 years she spent with her two daughters in my classes: “This RIE® experience has been such a deep, important journey. It has shaped the kind of mother I am. I’ve learned so much about myself. I’m so grateful to RIE® and to you for guiding me towards the kind of parenting I want to give. Thank you for your dedication to this work. You have impacted my family in a most profound way.”
— K.L.

Another self-proclaimed “devoted student” who had no previous knowledge of RIE®: “I really had no clue as to what I would gain from this class and I’ve not only become a better mother but a better person.” — A.S.

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