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Liz Memel
T. 323-651-0022

Inquire about my early childhood RIE® Associate consulting work. I am available for in-service trainings with evaluations for 0-3 programs, and certified to teach the RIE® Before Baby Course and RIE® Foundations Training Course.

Please visit my RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance class at no charge,without your child, so you may make an informed choice to enroll as soon as possible.
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RIE® CLASSES are 90 minutes once a week for ages 0-24 months. Each session is eIght consecutive classes.
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I teach in West Hollywood, Ventura County, California and Tucson, Arizona.
My RIE Parent Infant Guidance Program is open to families with children from birth to approximately age two. Parents who contact me may come to observe a Parent/Infant class at no charge without their child to determine if they want to become involved in a family support group. If there is room in the group appropriate for their child's stage, the parent(s) enroll and also become a member of RIE ($45 per year) since that is one important means of contributing to the organization's vitality. You receive the RIE Manual: for parents and professionals and a subscription to the quarterly newsletter, Educaring, I offer sliding scale to parents who want to get involved but have limited funds.
Inquire online to become informed about the RIE 50 hour Foundations Training course. I will email information, attaching an application. Enrollment is limited to 15 students to insure the mentorship model of learning that is central to The Educaring™ Approach.

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